BC Commuter Challenge

The 2020 BC Commuter Challenge will take place this year from May 31 to June 6, during Canada’s National Environment Week. This popular event encourages Canadians to leave their cars at home and rewards walking, cycling, carpooling/ride-sharing, taking transit and telecommuting. It’s free to join, and ALL participants are eligible to win one of the great prizes donated by our generous sponsors!

If you’re interested in learning more, check out the Website, like the BEST Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter! You’re also welcome to send us a message.


HUB’s Bike to Work Week

Bike to Work Week, May 25 to 31, 2020, is a community event celebrating bike commuting across Metro Vancouver! Visit Celebration Stations offering free drinks, snacks, bike mechanic services and great prizes. The catch? Just get on your bike and ride.

Bike to work often? Help introduce it to your co-workers – start a team, or get your company to sign up for HUB workplace cycling workshops. After you register, spread the word with resources for your workplace, available at bikehub.ca/bike-to-work. The Team Leader who recruits the most new bike commuters this spring will get a new bike!

Help us break another record and get even more people on bikes across Metro Vancouver.

Car Free Day

A new year, a new festival season! The 2020 Car Free Days are almost upon us. Once again the festivals will be taking place along Commercial Drive, Main Street, and Denman Street, with block parties in Kitsilano. The festivities are happening on Saturday, June 20 in the West End, Sunday, June 21 on Main St, and Sunday, July 12 on Commercial.

Go here if you would like to get involved in this year’s festivals or here to volunteer!


On June 14-30, Velopalooza events will be rolling through your neighbourhood. It’s coming up fast and the calendar is open for rides to be added! Anyone with an idea can add a ride to the calendar and the sooner you do so, the more broadly they will be promoted.


Velopalooza is a do-it-yourself festival. You are encouraged to create rides and events on the Veloplaooza calendar. And you are encouraged to promote the festival and invite your friends!

Here are ways you can promote the Velopalooza festival and make it a success:

Questions or other offers of support? Email us at volunteer@velopalooza.ca or sponsor@velopalooza.ca