Help Promote

Bike Month needs you to help promote it!

  • If you have a website, display a June is Bike Month logo (bike_month_banner6_rotate) and link that back to this site!
    Download that logo >here<.
  • If you’ll be printing any promotional materials, include a June is Bike Month logo on that!
    Download high-quality/resolution versions of the June is Bike Month logo from >here<.
  • Bike Month needs your organization to help promote it! Include Bike Month in your newsletters, Facebook posts, Tweets…
    Download banners and icons that can be used >here<.

  • And or course, add your June bike or bike-related events on the Bike Month calendar. To add an event, click >here<.
  • If you think Bike Month is a good idea, please support BEST by becoming a member or sending a financial contribution. Visit BEST >here<.

And you may have seen these signs around Vancouver before!


  • We at Bike Month of course have full-sized (24×24″ Coroplast) June is Bike Month signs!
    Contact us at to get yours!